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It all started on a hot summer night in Changsha, China, learning to cook fried rice from a street vendor, #curbsidecooking.


Each of our regionally tailored dumplings represent a personal story, in addition to the rich history and flavors of its namesake area.


The HUNAN HOTTIE is inspired by our Chinese teacher, Dana, from whom we took cooking classes during our time teaching in Changsha, Hunan. Like her, it’s a little spicy, and it includes her favorite ingredient: shiitake mushrooms.


Friday nights were usually spent sitting on plastic stools at Harbin Jiaozi (jiaozi=mandarin for dumplings); the owner of that shop showed us how to make the HARBIN OMELETTE. After a move to Beijing and landing a dream job working for the social enterprise coffee company Shangrila Farms, a line extension including honey altered our lives. Honey is the most incredible product on earth, so we had to put it in a dumpling.


At Shangrila Farms, we learned that all businesses can be socially responsible while simultaneously generating a profit. This is our core value. The XI’AN WARRIOR is named after a family trip to Xi’an and for our sister who has Lupus. Survivors with Lupus are called Warriors, and a percent of the proceeds from XI’AN WARRIOR sales are donated to the Lupus Foundation of America for Lupus Nephritis research.


We care about the quality of ingredients and methods used for preparation. Our ingredients are whole, clean, and sourced thoughtfully. Our dumplings are not mass produced in a large factory. They are #madeindc with love.


Preparing a new type of food can be intimidating; we did the research so you can have simply made dumplings at your table.



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